Who Funded the Sardar Patel statue?

Who Funded the Sardar Patel statue?

Here is a list of (mostly) public sector companies that “voluntarily” paid for it out of their CSR funds

…..Indian Oil Corporation – 900 crores
…..ONGC – 500 crores
…..Bharat Petroleum – 250 crores
…..Oil India Corporation – 250 crores
…..Gas Authority of India Limited – 250 crores
…..Power Grid 125 crores
…..Gujarat Minerals Development Corporation 100 crores
…..Engineers India – 50 crores
…..Petronet India – 50 crores
…..Balmer Laurie – 50 crores

Please note there is no Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani, Baba Ramdev company funding this statue!

Most of the funders are Oil sector PSUs……When India is literally crying for reduction in Oil prices…..This is how our Oil sector PSUs are made to splurge their money!

No iota of shame left to build stupid statues from Corporate “Social Resonsibility” funding! In case, party was so interested….why not ask any of your cronies to do the honours?

After all…whose money is this? India is not anyones personal fiefdom! This is our money…..tax payer money!

India…..how long will you be quiet!

(Based on Editor Girish Kuber’s article in Marathi news paper Loksatta)

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