Petrol consumption per day in India is. 581940000 Liters

Petrol consumption per day in India is. 581940000 /Liter/
Since 2014 the actual selling price of petrol should not exceed Rs 30 to 35 / Liter.
Where as it is sold at approx Rs 70 / Liter.

That means per day money collected EXCESS from the public is Rs 35/- PER LITRE
That is:-
Rs. 20,367,900,000.
That means per day someone is looting ….Rs 2036.80 crore from only item petrol.
In one month loot is
30 ×2036.80= 6,11,040 crore.
For one year
12×6,11,040=73,32,480 crore.
For 3 years. How much money had been looted from the people’s hard earned money from only one item.
73,32,480×3= 2,19,97440 crore.
Where is the honesty?
Where is India going?
What will happen in the future?
Why are the people of India so blind.?
Why are the people not able to know?
What is the media doing? How can this be justified?

Courtesy. Jan gan man ki bath Episode 112.

Within this three years, in one item petrol itself, ?
Looted (an excess amount of Rs.2,19,97440 Crore
Where is this money ?
Why are they increasing the petrol prices daily.??


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