‘Wonder Woman’ Takes Smallest Friday Drop Yet

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I wasn’t going to do another Wonder Woman stand-alone post, but then the film lost 320 theaters, faced off against Atomic Blonde and The Emoji Movieand still posted its smallest Friday-to-Friday drop yet. The film earned $985,000 on its ninth Friday, a drop of just 22%. That brings its domestic total to $392.889 million after 57 days of release. Oh, and that’s a bigger ninth Friday than Spider-Man back in 2002, as the Gal Gadot superhero movie has been just above or just behind the Tobey Maguire superhero movie for the last week or so.

It’s going to have a bigger ninth weekend (around $3.6 million) and a smaller weekend drop (-22%, its smallest drop yet) than the Sam Raimi blockbuster, although its 59-day total (around $395.5m) may be just under Spider-Man‘s $395.8m cume back in the day. Inflation and 3D bumps notwithstanding, next week should be when it A) starts outpacing Spider-Man for good and B) crosses the $400m mark in North America.

If that continues, then we’re looking at a domestic total of at least $404 million with an outside chance that the film tops the (unadjusted) domestic totals of Captain America: Civil War ($408m), Iron Man 3 ($409m) and The Hunger Games ($408m in 2D). This is obviously an if/when situation, but if the film holds onto theaters and continues these insane weekend drops and/or makes it into the Oscar race, a total above the $415m of Toy Story 3 isn’t completely out of the question.

That may sound hyperbolic, but that’s the point of these updates. The film kept moving the goal post over and over again, where “Gee, it could top $300 million!” became “Gee, it could top $350m,” and then now “Well, it’s certainly passing $400m, but then what?” Yeah, sure, a big reason why I kept doing these was for the consistent traffic, as well as the fact that they clearly made a lot of people very happy. But part of the fun was watching the Patty Jenkins picture go from a conventional modern-day hit to an uncommonly leggy summer release to a 1990’s/1980’s style blockbuster.

Anyway, the picture should be over $395 million tomorrow, meaning it will pass the adjusted totals of Deadpool and Iron Man in North America. And while I don’t have worldwide updates, it’s gotta be over Deadpool ($783m) and Spider-Man 2 ($784m) by now. But that’s a conversation for tomorrow.

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