Mister movie review

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Movie – Mister

Banner – Lakshmi Narasimha Production
Cast – Varuntej, Lavanya Tripati, Hebahpatel
Story – GopiMohan
Dialogues – Sreedhar Seepana
Music – Micky.J.Meyer
Cinematography – K.V.Guhan
Editing – M.R.Varma
Producers – Nallamalupu Srinivas (Bujji), Tagore Madhu

Screenplay, Direction – Sreenu Vytla

The greatest compliment for any filmmaker is that his movie looks fresh and unconstipated form of entertainment. There are makers who believe in making a good film with unadulterated comedy and we start believing in them to make even many more good films. These trustworthy makers at times do falter and we wish them to comeback with better ones. Srinu Vaitla, who won us over with many good comedies, suddenly went off track and he made disaster after disaster with Aagadu and Bruce Lee. Many of his fans and even audience wished for his comeback but the man seems to have completely gone rogue!

PicchaiNaidu (Varun Tej) aka Chai, a guy who hates his grandfather with the same name (Nasser). The old man yearns for his love and decides to call him for Sankranthi. Parents of Chai, plan to send him by hook or crook. Chai meets Meera (Hebah Patel) at airport and takes her to his house. After knowing she came to meet some other person in Spain, he manages to trick her to stay with him. She likes his family and takes him as a friend but he falls in love with her. After getting a clarification about her being in love with Siddharth (Prince), Chai decides to help her love. In the process, he meets Chandramukhi (Lavanya Tripathi) and decides to help her in escaping from goons. Can Chai help Meera and Chandramukhi? You need to watch it on screen!

Lavanya Tripathi
Varun Tej
Nothing more to mention!


Music and BGM


Actually Entire Film!

Varun Tej tries something new with the movie but the body language doesn’t suit him at all. Well, his inconsistency in body shape is understandable due to leg injury. But his inconsistency in dialogue delivery and expressions cannot be explained under any circumstances. Well, he did try to imitate Pawan Kalyan in few scenes and then started doing something else. May be Srinu Vaitla couldn’t convey what he needed to the actor properly.

Hebah Patel was quite ordinary in her performance and she needs lot of workshops to give any believable performance. Lavanya Tripathi a proven actor is wasted in a senseless role. What did director and story-writers wanted to convey with such convoluted characterization only they can explain.
 Rest of cast consisting of Murali Sharma, Harish Verma, Nasser, Anand, Eeswari Rao, Brahmaji, Priyadarshi, Tejaswi Madivada, Sreenivas Reddy, Raghu Babu, Tanikella Bharani, Nikethan Dheer perform according to the script demand and walk in front of the camera as director asks them.

Technicalities:Cinematography by K.V. Guhan doesn’t help the movie. Rather you feel is this the work of such an accomplished camera person like him. Even good locale like Coorg was highly underutilized. Through his blurred vision we tend to feel boredom with over utilisation of  old lighting schemes. Writers like Gopi Mohan, Sridhar Seepana fail to create an ambiance that is fresh and likeable. They use the same clichés and even in comedy try to use old jokes and depend heavily on spoofs.

Music and Background Score by Mickey J. Meyer gives you nostalgia of watching many movies if you close your eyes and listen the movie. After scoring blockbusters with his music, Mickey once again falls back to his old traits of being lazy and not trying to do anything fresh. He needs to come out of those old habits if he wants to sustain his success further. Editing by MR Verma is highly clumsy and lazy on effort.
Direction and Screenplay of Srinu Vaitla for this movie make you wonder if he is the man behind movies like Ready, Dookudu and King. Here his hold on emotions and Screenplay feel so dated and jaded that we cringe with disbelief in the theatre. This movie will remain as an effort that will make you forget his earlier movies and remember him as a maker who fizzled out after achieving great success.

Analysis: Srinu Vaitla who was expected make a comeback with a film like Mister, fails to do so. He tries hard to entertain using his usual traits like big family and many known actors in simple roles. One tends to feel Srinu cannot do a film that doesn’t look like his old movies anymore. With this film he confirms that he doesnt understand difference between novelty and parody. Well, we can only wish he knew how to make a new film rather than an old one that too uninteresting and too lengthy! All-in-all this Mister is more of a kid who didn’t grow into an adult.

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