AICC on Govt formation in Karnataka.

Respected All,

Please find enclosed herewith tweets by Shri Randeep Singh Surjewala, Incharge, Communications, AICC on Govt formation in Karnataka.

“As Congress-JD(S) win 95 seats & lead in 20 seats, absolute majority for the coalition is clear. Coalition also has 56% vote share.

Coalition leaders meeting the Governor shortly to stake claim as per established constitutional norms in Karnataka’s interests.

President, K.R.Narayanan had set a fair & Constitutionally precedent by inviting Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee to form & lead a coalition Govt on 12th March, 1998.

President’s Communiqué states clearly and is a guiding light-: Former President Shri KR Narayanan elaborated in his communiqué dated 12.03.1998 when he invited Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee to form the Government.

He had said

“when no party or pre-election alliance of parties is in a clear majority, the Head of State has in India or elsewhere, given the first opportunity to the leader of the party or combination of parties that has won largest number of seats subject to the Prime Ministers so appointed obtaining majority support on the floor of the house within a stipulated time.”

BJP’s claim of ‘single largest party’ to be invited is demolished by 3 recent precedents set by them-:

(1) Goa (March 2017)
Assembly Strength – 40.
Congress – 17.
BJP – 12.

BJP was invited to form the Govt by Governor in a post poll coalition BJP+MGP+GFP.

(2) Manipur (March 2017)
Assembly Strength – 60.
Congress – 28.
BJP – 21.

BJP was invited to form the Govt by Governor in a post poll coalition.

So much so, 1 independent MLA was detained at Imphal Airport through security agencies & handed over to BJP.

(3) Meghalaya (March 2018)
Assembly Strength – 60.
Congress – 21.
BJP – 2.

BJP was invited to form the Govt by Governor in post poll coalition with NPEP+UDP+PDF+HSDPDP.”

AICC Communications

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